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Local Stats & Facts

On Seniors and Meals on Wheels

During FY 2021-2022, Meals on Wheels:

  • Delivered 408,182 meals to homebound seniors and disabled person in Jefferson County. 
  • Served 1,968 clients.
  • Added 460 new clients.
  • Relied on 681 dedicated volunteers to make deliveries and recurring phone calls to seniors.
  • Received dozens of new requests for service every week.
  • Provided supplemental food or groceries to seniors who were reported to be in extreme need.
  • Delivered 51,515 meals to seniors who were waiting to be added to our regular client list.
  • Facilitated 46 home repairs by working through our commununity partners and programs.

Generous donors and compassionate volunteers are the lifeblood of Meals on Wheels and enable us to continuously expand our program and services.

Food For Thought


New Clients Added Last Year

We receive new requests for service from seniors and their families on a continuing basis and strive to add them to our daily delivery routes as quickly as possible.