What the Proposed Budget Cuts to Meals On Wheels Mean for Seniors

If the President’s budget cuts are enacted, the Senior Nutrition Program, a service provided through the United Way Area Agency on Aging of Jefferson County, would be at risk. This program provides more than 324,000 meals each year to vulnerable seniors in Jefferson County, and also includes the majority of meals supplied to United Way Meals On Wheels of Jefferson County.

United Way’s Meals on Wheels program partners with over 500 volunteers who deliver 796 meals daily to seniors throughout Jefferson County. Meeting the needs of our homebound seniors is a top priority.

There are already 2,000 seniors on our waiting list. With this threat, there is an even greater need to support Meals on Wheels.

As further details are released in the coming months, we will monitor how the proposed budget cuts will affect our community.

If you would like to donate or volunteer to help support Meals on Wheels, please reference the options below.

  1. Donate to Meals on Wheels http://www.mealsonwheels-jeffco.org/donate.html
  2. Volunteer with Meals on Wheels http://www.mealsonwheels-jeffco.org/volunteer.html